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The Aeneas’ Route Association established agreements and collaboration protocols to promote the cultural itinerary of Aeneas’ Route and the cultural heritage connected to it.
The Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, interested in participating in a international cultural project that involves various regions of the Mediterranean Sea, joined as a supporting member and signed a collaboration protocol with the Association to promote the project Aeneas’ Route. The Park, in particular, includes the archaeological area of the Palatino where, according to Vergil’s poem, Aeneas met the Greek king Evandro, after going up the river Tiber, to form an alliance against Turnus.

The Superintendence for archaeology, fine arts and landscaping of the metropolitan area of Rome, the province of Viterbo and the southern Etruria signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association to enhance and promote the archaeological, monumental and landscaping sites in Rome’s province that are connected to the mythical journey of Aeneas, among which stands out Lavinium, the city founded by Aeneas himself. The collaboration’s purpose is the organization, also with the financial contribution of privates, of activities of divulgation and valorisation, like exhibitions, thematic routes, conventions of scientific deepening, guided tours, didactic activities involving schools, etc.

The Campi Flegrei Archaeological Park signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association to promote and enhance the archaeological and monumental sites and cultural spots in the Campi Flegrei that are connected to the Aeneas’ myth. The collaboration’s commitment focuses on the planning and production of activities connected to the cultural itinerary of Aeneas’ Route and involving the archaeological and cultural sites of the Park, sharing technical and professional skills.

The Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity of Sicilian Region on the 22nd of July 2022 signed a collaboration protocol with the Aeneas’ Route Association to develop common initiatives for the promotion of the project and of cultural tourism. There are several motivations behind the choice of joining the project: Sicily is a central scenery along Aeneas’ route as a hub and crucible of the European and Mediterranean cultures; there is a large number of sites involved – among which the strait of Scylla and Charybdis, the Cyclopean Shore, Etna, Segesta, Trapani and Eryx – and the island was completely circumnavigated by the Trojan fleet from Scylla and Charybdis to the Aeolian islands and the Tyrrhenian sea; there are archaeological places of incredible values, protected areas and parks, like the Etna Park and the Alcantara Park, that are examples of the beauty of the Mediterranean locations described by Vergil. The Sicilian adhesion holds the meaning of a programmatic perspective to enhance its historical-archaeological and environmental heritage and the culture and economy of the sea, as a symbol of a rich and multifaceted cultural identity developed in Sicily throughout history, from the ancient world to the contemporary age.

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