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The next appointments along with the Aeneas Route Association

“New events and meetings around the Mediterranean together with the Aeneas Route.” The first appointment starts on June 29, in Turkey, at the Edremit International Meeting, with the closing of the European cooperation project with Türkiye “On the Steps of … Read More

The 2nd edition of F.I.R.E., the Aeneas Route International Festival. This year it will be Albania’s turn

The 2nd edition of F.I.R.E., the International Festival of the Aeneas Route, will be hosted in the Phlegraean Fields next September 1-5, 2022. The Festival, organised by the Associazione Rotta di Enea (Aeneas’ Route Association) with the support of the … Read More

“Peace, the revival of cultural tourism, international cultural exchanges, solidarity between generations

by Giovanni Cafiero, President of Aeneas Route Association On behalf of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe (EPA), it is my pleasure to inform you that at its 28-29 April 2021 meeting, the EPA … Read More

The landscape and the “nature of Aeneas”: from the ancient Lavinium to the landscape of today, between history, nature, and myth

One of the peculiarities of the ancient Lavinium derives from the integration between archaeological heritage and landscape: we can detect it in the poetic and metaphorical message of the Virgilian Aeneid and in the botanical iconography of the Ara Pacis. … Read More

On the steps of Aeneas: the European project

“On the Steps of Aeneas: a common cultural heritage between Italy and Turkey”. Coordinated by the President of the Aeneas Route Association, Giovanni Cafiero, “On the Steps of Aeneas” was funded by the European Union in collaboration with the Turkish … Read More

Turkey includes the Aeneas Route among the international cultural routes

Following the narrative of the legendary Aeneas, the Aeneas Route is an archaeological route extending across five European and Mediterranean countries, starting from Türkiye’s northwest Aegean coast, and concluding in Latium, Italy.  Registered as a Cultural Route by the Council … Read More

A futuristic multi-role research ship with a research center for the Mediterranean Sea

The young Alessandro Sanetti and Chiara Bidoli, respectively president and vice president of the Mruv project (Multipurpose research universities vessels) association – – have recently presented their innovative marine project to the city of Venice. Their project aims to … Read More

New discoveries in Castrum Minervae

The excavation activity of the 2021-2022 campaign, developed in the locality of Capanne a Castro, has brought to light some new discoveries. The set of excavations “took place under the direction of Francesco D’Andria, thanks to private funding insured by … Read More

Restoring the cultural tourism in Mykonos

“To restore cultural tourism in one of the stops of Aeneas’ journey from Troy to the Lazio coast”. On 21 April, the Mayor of the Municipality of Mykonos Konstantinos Koukas and the President of the Aeneas Route Association Giovanni Cafiero … Read More

Against the invasion of plastic materials: a circular economy project from Piraeus

Piraeus, Greece. During his studies, Virgil crossed this land several times to travel to Athens. Today, a start-up is dealing with the invasion of plastic materials threating the future of the Mediterranean Sea. Bluecycle recycles plastic materials deriving from fishing … Read More