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The Association, established on 11 January 2018, excluding any profit-making purpose and with the character of absolute political autonomy, has as its main aims:

⦁ to promote and disseminate the cultural and artistic heritage linked to the myth of Aeneas and the virgilian story of the Aeneid, which are symbols of the long development of Mediterranean culture and common European roots; retracing the journey of the mythical hero from Troy to the coasts of Lazio, the project aims to promote the culture of the sea, the landscapes and the evidences of the past as well as the universal values of the encounter between peoples, in the belief that these very diversities have built over time the cultural wealth of European countries, which together form a priceless shared heritage.

⦁ to promote the “Aeneas Route” Project, as a Cultural Itinerary of countries of the Council of Europe and of the Mediterranean basin focused on archaeological heritage and in the future to play the role of operational tool of its subsequent management.


Municipality of Edremit (Turkey); Lavinium Foundation; arch. Giovanni Cafiero