On the steps of Aeneas The archaeological symposium of Edremit

The Archaeological Symposium was organised in the frame of the European project awarded by Aeneas Route Association, Edremit Municipality and Sapienza University called “On the Steps of Aeneas: a common cultural heritage between Turkey and Italy”. The event was an international archaeological symposium that gathers together the most important archaeological sites of Aeneas Route (Troy, Antandros, Butrint, Lavinium and Colosseum). The two days lasting symposium has a first day of academic speeches and a second day of visit on field. Turkish and Italian archaeologists involved in the excavation and valorisation of the archaeological sites of Lavinium, Colosseum Palatinum, Troy and Antandros, worked on the boundaries and similarities at archaeological and mythological level of the heritage of the figure of Aeneas in Latium and Troas region with presentations and researches shared with the public.

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