The Aeneas Route goes to Naples

The Aeneas Route Association President G. Cafiero attended together with the Phoenicians’ Route and Iter Vitis at the inauguration of the exhibition on the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, an initiative held during the Italian presidency semester.

On 22 July, at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, during the seminar organized by ICOMOS on the initiative of Roberta Alberotanza and Paolo Giulierini, G. Cafiero illustrated the values ​​of the cultural itinerary connecting the myth of the Trojan hero, the Mediterranean, and the foundation of Rome.

Even more, in these times of crisis, the cultural itineraries of the Council of Europe need to rely on the goal of preserving the spirit of our cultural heritage, belonging to common historical and artistic traditions.

The Aeneas Route reminds us of the repudiation of war, the feeling of new hope, driving us to found new cities, looking for peaceful places where the new generations could live.

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