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Aeneas Route for young people

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aeneas’ route for the younger generations

The cultural itinerary of Aeneas’ route wants to create an interculture space of exchanges and proposals based on themes such identity and enhancement of the Mediterranean cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, with the goal of reinforcing the commitment of the new generations in promoting the intercultural dialogue.

Virtual Room 1 | Download

by Jasmin Chebil (Carthage), Hale Berrin Karaca (Istanbul), Lucy Walaszek (Dublin)

Virtual Room 2 | Download

by Francesca Caponi (Siena), Ayşe Deniz Meşe (Istanbul), Georgia Plomaritou (Thessaloniki)

Virtual Room 3 | Download

by Agnese Colarizi Graziani (Siena), Frenk Peza (Tirana), Evangelos Tsigaridis (Thessaloniki)

Virtual Room 4 | Download

by Nour El Houda Ben Abdallah (Carthage), Enejda Mertiri (Tirana), Eleni Voutsa (Thessaloniki)

Virtual Room 5 | Download

by Alessio Anichini (Siena), Ufuk Önay (Istanbul), Andrea Pambuku (Tirana)

Virtual Room 6 | Download

by di Duru Durmaz (Istanbul), Roxanne Zaroff (Dublin), Eya Yatouji (Carthage)

Virtual Room 7 | Download

by Francesca Chiodo (Siena), Dimitra Rossidou (Thessaloniki), Margaret Sizeland (Dublin)

Virtual Room 8 | Download

by Mateo Profka (Tirana), Nina Spens (Dublin), Ziyed Harrek (Carthage)

Aeneas in Rome of the Present | Prezi – Link