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The Aeneas Route towards London: the Virgil Society joins up the network

On 16 February last, the Vice President of the Virgil Society in London, Prof. Carla Dionisotti, signed the “Letter of Intent” according to which the prestigious English Institution becomes “honorary partner” of the Aeneas Route Network as 45° Cultural Route … Read More

Award Ceremony for the Aeneas Route Association, 45th European Cultural Route certified by the Council of Europe

On 26 January 2022, the Aeneas Route Association received the prestigious award of Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. The award was presented at the Colosseum Archaeological Park by Stefano Dominioni, Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes … Read More

On the steps of Aeneas The archaeological symposium of Edremit

The Archaeological Symposium was organised in the frame of the European project awarded by Aeneas Route Association, Edremit Municipality and Sapienza University called “On the Steps of Aeneas: a common cultural heritage between Turkey and Italy”. The event was an … Read More

The Aeneas Route, the journey between archeology and nature becomes a cultural itinerary certified by the Council of Europe

The mythical journey of the Trojan hero narrated by Virgil has been declared as the 45th cultural itinerary recognised at European level. Thefirst one, the Camino de Santiago was recognised in 1987. Aeneas Route crosses 5 Mediterranean countries (Turkey, Greece, … Read More

FROM THE NETWORK: Culture, Nature, Tourism, the Strategic Committee of local authorities traces the program

The places of the route of Aeneas in Turkey, the starting point of the journey of the Trojan hero and the cities and local administrations involved in the mythical journey were the protagonists of the first meeting of the Strategic … Read More

ACHIEVED RESULTS: Latest subscriptions to the Aeneas Route network

Latest subscriptions to the Aeneas Route network Archaeological Museum of Troy (Turkey) Archaeological National Museum of Naples Municipality of Çanakkale (Turkey) Çanakkale Regional Chamber Tourist Guides (Turkey) Balikesir Department of Culture and Tourism (Turkey) Metropolitan Area of Naples Municipality of … Read More

WHAT’S COOKING: Italy and Turkey on the steps of Aeneas for a quality tourism

Italy and Turkey on the steps of Aeneas for a quality tourism Some virtual tours on Aeneas’ route, archaeological symposia, meetings on European cultural routes. This is how Aeneas’ Route introduces itself in the international project On the Steps of … Read More

MARE NOSTRUM: When the Mediterranean used only one language, Sabir

In ancient times the most spoken languages in Western Europe and some Mediterranean areas were Greek and, afterwards, Latin, but around 1500 the pirate republics of Algiers, Tripoli and Tunis gave birth to a common language, Sabir. This can be … Read More

JOURNEYS: Çanakkale Regional Chamber Tourist Guides 

The Aeneas Route Association has signed a collaboration agreement with the Çanakkale Regional Chamber Tourist Guides ÇARO. They will lead you to discover all the treasures of the Troad and will lead you along the trekking trails of Mount Ida. … Read More

THE INTERVIEW: Aeneas Route: a project of peace enhancing the common values of Mediterranean civilisations.

Selman Hasan ARSLAN mayor of Edremit speaks Can “Aeneas Route” become a tool able to foster the discovery and a deeper knowledge of the places of Mediterranean Sea? Just like Aeneas fleeing the city of Troy, our journey towards certification … Read More