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How to support the Association

Aeneas Route Project was born from the work of people who want to learn from the myth, history and stories that accompany us from the ancient world until today. People who love the Mediterranean, who believe in the value of the encounter between different cultures and between men and women from all backgrounds and political or religious beliefs.

The Aeneas Route supports those values that allow humanity a cultural evolution towards an ideal of peace, civil coexistence, love for nature and art, appreciation for diversity, and respect for international and national institutions that are inspired by these universal principles.

You can support the Aeneas Route by sending your contribution to the following bank account in the name of “Associazione Rotta di Enea”:
IBAN: IT34 L030 6905 0201 0000 0063 563
BIC BCITITMM  (from abroad)

For contributions of more than 100 Euros, the Association will reserve a special prize for donors, consisting of an exclusive visit to the Lavinium area accompanied by the Association’s experts, who will also illustrate unpublished aspects of the archaeological site and the landscape.